Higher minimum salary in 2020

Each year, the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy presents its proposal with regard to changing the statutory minimum salary. Minimum salary, which applies both to people working full time and those employed on the basis of contracts of mandate who calculate wages by hour, is stipulated in provisions of a special resolution of the Council of the Ministers which is adopted every year. Minister Elżbieta Rafalska has recently announced her office’s suggestion with regard to the mini Read more

Poland celebrates 15 years in the EU

First of May marks the fifteenth anniversary of Poland’s accession into the European Union. The last 15 years is a story of growth, economic development, as well as political, social and other changes. Today, most Poles are happy to be EU citizens and the gained benefits for the Polish economy and businesses are undeniable.   First talks between Polish officials and the representatives of the European Economic Union began as early as the beginning of the 1990s. In 1994, Poland filed an Read more

More investment into rail in Poland

Prime Minister Mateusz Mazowiecki has recently announced that the government prepared a list of train lines of strategic importance to the country. The ruling party wants to make sure rail transportation is not neglected. On the contrary – the planned construction of Solidarity Transport Hub (knows also as Central Communication Port) is going to put trans in the spotlight after years of neglect. Heavy investment is expected in the sector in the upcoming years.   Central Communication Po Read more

Open Pension Funds to be disposed of

Polish government announced its plans for a new pension system reform and intention to entirely do away with Open Pension Funds (OFE). This will be a definite end of the retirement system as we know it.   Several years ago, after the reform of 1999, OFEs were supposed to be the main pillar of the pension system, where millions of Polish workers would deposit a part of their income waiting for old age to come. Today, the lawmakers have a different vision of how the system should look like. Read more

Energy transition – a challenge for Poland

Europe needs to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges that current and future governments face. The change will be particularly hard for those regions whose economies are based on coal. A recent report from the European Commission experts focuses on the future of EU’s coal regions.   According to the researchers, Poland may loose over 40 thousand jobs by 2030 as a result of the energy shift. It will mostl Read more

Will the new social transfers sink the Polish economy?

The ruling Law and Justice Party has a new idea for winning the upcoming European Parliament elections: a “Five+”, a package of five ideas that is to make voters happy, including a 13th pension for all pensioners, increased tax-deductible expenses threshold, exemption from income tax for young people, loosening the requirements for participating in the “500+” child benefit scheme and revival of bus transport in small towns. Critics say that if implemented, the program will hav Read more
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