Will 2020 ZUS contributions kill Polish companies?

Life of an entrepreneur in Poland can be tough. Especially when the authorities announce the official amounts of social insurance contributions. The 2020 numbers have just been released and, once again, the payments, which are made for every legally employed person, will go up. In fact, the government prepared the biggest hike of the contribution amounts in several years. For business owners in Poland, especially from the SME sector, this is bad news. The payments are made every month towards Read more

EU adopts no carbon goal because of Poland

During the recent EU summit that took place in Brussels Poland together with three other Eastern European states: Hungary, Estonia, and Czech Republic, blocked the proposal to adopt new carbon emission goals. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said his obligation is to protect Polish interests and the initiative for combating climate change was highly detrimental for Polish companies and economy. The EU wanted to pledge to cut carbon emissions in Europe down to net zero by 2050. This goal has Read more

Poland faces an ultimatum from the European Commission

Poland may lose as much as 8 billion euro for anti-pollution initiative that is offered by the European Union. There is a strong possibility that the funds will go up in a puff of smoke due to the fact that Polish authorities are not very cooperative and are not eager to follow the guidelines from the European Commission. Polish broadsheet “Gazeta Wyborcza” revealed the contents of a letter that was sent from the Commission officials to Polish authorities. In a nutshell, the EC gives Pola Read more

Andrzej Duda’s official visit to the United States

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda and his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda have recently ended their official visit to the United States. During their stay in North America they met Donald and Melania Trump. The purpose of the six-day diplomatic mission was, among other things, to discuss the military presence of the US in Poland and the purchase of F-35 planes. The most memorable part of the US tour was of course the visit of the Polish presidential couple in the White House. The two presidents Read more

Zero Personal Income Tax coming in August

Polish government officials announced their plans to introduce zero percent personal income tax a few months ago, and it appears the promise is slowly becoming reality. This week, Government Legislation Centre published a draft version of the bill amending the income tax legislation accordingly. However, the new provisions will not apply to all taxpayers. Zero tax rate will only be used in case of individuals who are no older than 26 and earn revenue from service relationship, employment rela Read more

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Custom Law Essay UK Work Opportunities

Getting a job using personalized legislation documents UK jobs is a significant art and it might be learned in lots of means. There are several opportunities out there for new lawyers in britain but getting these jobs can be problematic for those who usually do not have the right skills or aren't proficient in a few places.

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