As the Price of Energy Resources Increases, the Polish Government Helps Families with $650

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The Polish government will help households with a one-time payment of 3,000 zlotys ($650) to cope with rising energy prices, particularly coal, caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Reuters agency reports on this.

Households and heating factories in small towns mainly used Russian coal because of its high quality, although the European Union has banned imports from Russia since August.

The rise in prices caused by the shortage has many Poles afraid that they will not be able to heat their homes next winter. Only those households that mainly use coal for heating will have the right to receive the subsidy.

Up to 80% of Poland’s electricity generation comes from coal. Although the country is the largest producer of this resource in the European Union, it still needs to buy 8 million tons from Russia in 2021 and this year’s deficit is up to 11 million due to a decrease in local production.

The country also introduced subsidies this month to keep prices for small buyers at last year’s levels, although retailers are reluctant to participate in the scheme because they believe the payments do not compensate for rising market prices.

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