The Inflation Rates and Price Increase Tendency in Poland

According to a quick estimate of the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the inflation rate in Poland in July 2021 was 5 %, a level that has not been seen in Poland for over ten years. According to economist Marek Zuber, such a high increase in the prices of goods and services may repeat itself within a few months. As Zuber outlined, the inflation at 5 % and more can be seen several times this year.  This rise in inflation that can be seen now is mainly due to supply factors - rising costs, fo Read more

Real Estate Today and How developers Meet Demands

Developers recorded a more marked increase in activity in the offices issuing building permits this year. From the beginning of the year to the end of June, they received permits enabling the construction of more than a hundred thousand apartments, which translated into an increase of 47% in the first half of 2020 - individual investors received building permits in this period for 60,386 single-family houses. In total, Polish offices issued 171,468 permits in the first half of the year, which Read more

“Sealing Package” Tax Changes in Poland

The government is to start the consultations on the "Polish Deal" program. Increasing the tax-free amount, the second tax start, or even changes in the health service will cost up to 70 billion a year - according to government documents. Not everything can be compensated by such changes as the new method of collecting the health insurance contribution - the inability to deduct tax and pay the premium as a lump sum in the case of entrepreneurs. Therefore, part of the "Polish Deal" will also b Read more

The Expected Tax Changes According to the “Polish Deal”

According to Muller, the tax package of the "Polish Deal" will be consulted this week. On 15 May 2021, the government presented assumptions underlying socio-economic measures planned for the coming years. An important section of this Polish Deal paper is connected to tax proposals, some of which shall affect entities operating on the Polish market and the costs of their operations. The planned changes to the tax law presented so far relate primarily to the issue of taxation of personal income Read more

Increasing Number of Foreign Businesses in Poland – Ukrainians Prevail

According to the Social Insurance Institute, the number of foreigners starting their own business in Poland is increasing. Nowadays, there are 4500 more entrepreneurs in Poland than four years ago. One of the reasons seems to be the fact that in 2018 Polish government has introduced the Polish Investment Zone program. This program is an extension of Special Economic Zones - the tax relief is available for investments in every location in Poland. Poland has fully become an economic zone. The R Read more

Lower Taxes for Micro-enterprises and Other Ways to Help Business in Poland

The congress series "Politics from the Scratch" started in Poland at the beginning of May, this year. The agreement of Jarosław Gowin started a chain of 15 meetings as part of the "Policy from the Scratch" series. Politicians, local government officials, experts, and entrepreneurs attended the program’s conference. At the opening of the congress, we learned that the program is comprehensive and developed by over a hundred experts. "Our program aims to restore the economy to the path of gro Read more
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