Bank Pekao as a Leader in the Polish Domestic Market

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In 2021, Bank Pekao strengthened its position as the leader of the domestic debt securities market. The institution was also trusted by the largest number of cities and municipalities that issued municipal bonds last year. The bank’s ambition is to become the first choice bank for Polish companies that will use debt financing on the international market.

Based on data from Fitch Polska, last year Bank Pekao owned 31 % of the market share in the area of organization and servicing of non-treasury debt securities. The bank turned out to be incomparable in the segment of organizing the issue of corporate bonds, in which it had nearly 39 % of the market share. Also was responsible for 13 % of bank debt securities organization.

In 2021, Bank Pekao was an active player in the Polish capital market as well. They have handled numerous bond and stock issues, and have advised on mergers and acquisitions. They consistently implemented the ESG strategy and increased their presence and recognition in the international market.

– Our ambition is to be the main partner for entities looking for financing on the debt capital market in this part of Europe – said Jerzy Kwieciński, vice president of Bank Pekao, supervising the Corporate Banking, Markets, and Investment Banking Division.

In addition to being active in the domestic market, in 2021 Bank Pekao participated as a global coordinator in a record number of issues of debt securities on the international market.

In May, Pekao became one of the global coordinators and co-bookers of the demand book for the issue of 7-year green bonds of PKN Orlen, worth EUR 500 million, carried out on the international market.

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