How Much Money will Poles Spend on this Summer Vacation?

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According to the research conducted by the Polish Tourist Organization, almost two-third of Poles declare that they will spend more money for this year’s vacation than last year.

Holidays are in just two weeks. The Polish Tourist Organization decided to look at Poles’ plans for this year’s vacation. It turns out that they are more likely to think about holiday travel than last year. The trip is planned by as much as 65 percent of respondents. On the one hand, these data are not unexpected, because last year’s holidays – like those in 2020 – were marked by pandemic restrictions. On the other hand, we currently have record inflation and it might seem that due to soaring prices we are ready to limit summer trips.

The issue of holiday expenses was raised in the study. It turns out that two-thirds of the respondents (66%) declare that they will spend more money on vacation than last year, and a quarter intend to spend a similar or the same amount as a year ago.

Among people planning a holiday trip, slightly more than half (53%) declare that they would like to stay in the budget up to PLN 2,000. Every fifth respondent would like to spend from 2001 to PLN 3,000 on leisure, and 17 percent assumes that their holiday expenses will exceed PLN 3,000.

The forecast for the upcoming holiday season and the activity of Polish tourists going both on holiday in the country and abroad promise to be optimistic. Based only on the data from the most popular booking portals, the current status of holiday bookings oscillates around an increase of 20 or even 30 percent compared to previous years. The interest of Poles in rest, tourism and recreation has woken up for good after the pandemic and is on a fairly high level – comments Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism.

Where do Poles want to go on vacation? Most, as much as 71 percent are planning a vacation in Poland, and only 19 percent – abroad. It is not surprising that those who choose to rest in the country will go to the seaside (41%). Mountains and lakes were mentioned less frequently in this context (27% and 16%, respectively).

The survey was prepared by the Polish Tourist Organization on May 31, 2022 by ARC Rynek i Opinia Sp. z o. o. on a representative sample of 1006 people using the CAWI method.

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