It will become easier for foreigners to legalize in Poland: the law has been adopted

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On October 19, the Polish council of Ministers adopted a bill amending the Foreigners Act. Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration wants to simplify the process of legalizing the stay of foreigners in Poland. The regulations will come into force 14 days after they are published in Dziennik Ustaw.

Consequently, the foreigners coming to Poland for business reasons will no longer be required to apply beforehand for a special recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and crossing the Polish border will be possible on the basis of a written invitation from a Polish business entity (and once other legally binding conditions that apply in Poland have been met, such as, in particular, the visa requirement for foreigners from countries subject to a visa obligation).

The proposed changes include primarily:
– Simplifications and changes related to the issuance of a temporary residence permit to foreigners: rejection of the requirement to have a place of residence and the requirement to have a source of stable and regular income (a foreigner will be able to work at any time and on the basis of any contaract – the only condition is to receive a minimum remuneration for work).
– Expansion of the list of situations when it is not necessary to make changes to the work and residence permit.
– Acceleration of the procedure for obtaining a residence and work permit in case of performing work of strategic importance for the polish economy.
– Extension of the term of seasonal work to 24 months.
– Simplification of the procedure for issuing the Pole’s Card.

In addition, a special temporary regulation will be in force, which provides for a simplified legalization procedure for those foreigners who have applied for a work and residence permit in Poland until January 1, 2021.

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