“Letter of Regret” will Save the Taxpayers when Forgetting to Fill a Tax Return

Active regret is a "letter of regret" that will save the taxpayer from a fine for not filing a tax return. People who do not run a business do not have to prepare settlements, because all data is downloaded from the system, but entrepreneurs have to do it on their own. Active regret will save them when they forget an important date. A few years ago, a taxpayer who forgot to file a tax return had a serious problem, because he had to write an active regret as quickly as possible, in which he ad Read more

Majority of Poles not Worried about their Finances because of the War, though still Saving Some

Almost 60% of Poles claim that they are not worried about their financial security as a result of the war in Ukraine, according to a study conducted by Opin24. This does not mean that in connection with the events beyond the eastern border, they do not decide to cut expenses. One of the consequences of the almost 8-week-long war in Ukraine is the uncertainty in the financial markets. So far, it has not translated into Poles' concerns about their own financial security. According to a study co Read more

Bank Pekao as a Leader in the Polish Domestic Market

In 2021, Bank Pekao strengthened its position as the leader of the domestic debt securities market. The institution was also trusted by the largest number of cities and municipalities that issued municipal bonds last year. The bank's ambition is to become the first choice bank for Polish companies that will use debt financing on the international market. Based on data from Fitch Polska, last year Bank Pekao owned 31 % of the market share in the area of organization and servicing of non- Read more
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