Poland will Help Ukraine with the Merchant Fleet Restoration

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Representatives of the Polish shipbuilding industry are willing to cooperate with their Ukrainian counterparts to rebuild the Ukrainian merchant fleet. The head of the Polish shipbuilding company Crist told the Ukrainian media edition Ukrinform.

“The Polish shipbuilding industry plans to set up a Polish-Ukrainian permanent working group. “The group will discuss the construction of ships for Ukraine, the restoration of a merchant fleet and cooperation between the two countries,” said Tadeusz Kopowski.

He added that the Polish side is ready to provide free training to Ukrainian students in the shipbuilding department of the Gdansk Polytechnic. Ukrainian students will have the opportunity to receive the same service in the navigation department of the Naval Academy in Gdynia. The purpose of this is to train local captains and engineers for the Ukrainian merchant navy in the future.

According to the head of Crist, given the strategic partnership between Ukraine and Poland, the American side may also contribute to the financing of the restoration of the merchant fleet. According to him, the Poles are ready to audit Ukrainian shipbuilding companies and help them restore their technical potential.

According to a representative of the Polish shipbuilding industry, the cooperation may start with the construction of tow and small ships.

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