Will the Inflation Rate affect Poles’ Vacation Plans?

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Almost two-thirds of Poles admit that their holiday decisions will be influenced by inflation and rising prices, according to the ARC Rynek Opinions survey. Despite unfavorable factors, the percentage of people planning to spend their holidays abroad noticeably increased.

The May weekend is ahead of us, and the next month will start the holidays, the first in two years without pandemic restrictions, but in the conditions of double-digit inflation, the highest in over 20 years. The ARC Rynek Opinions survey shows that 59%. Poles believe that holiday trips are more expensive this year than last year, of which every third respondent claims that the prices are much higher.

66% of respondents admit that inflation and rising prices of services will have an impact on their holiday decisions. Almost every fourth respondent (23%) admits that they do not plan a summer trip this year, and 18% have not yet made a decision. 35% of respondents plan to spend holidays in the country, and 11% abroad. An almost identical percentage of respondents (12%) intend to rest both at home and abroad.

Interestingly, compared to last year, the percentage of people planning to rest only in the country has significantly decreased, while the group of people who want to rest only abroad has noticeably increased.

– The results of the survey show that Poles want to go abroad on vacation, even despite various unfavorable factors, such as inflation. Over the past two years, Covid and the related restrictions have been a factor in limiting trips abroad. Currently, inflation is such a factor, though a large proportion of people plan to go abroad anyway.

– Of course, there is the issue of prices in domestic tourism – the tourist industry is trying to compensate for the losses from the last two years, which is why prices are also high. This is not exactly the right strategy, because perhaps it is better to attract a less wealthy Polish tourist than none. The more so as Poland, as a country located close to the front line, may suffer from the outflow of foreign tourists in terms of tourism. It is worth remembering that Poles can fill this gap, provided that they receive a good offer.

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